film can have a leading role in education

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film can have a leading role in education

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Film Can Have A Leading Role In Education
1. The title of the article: Films can have a leading role in education.
2. The article’s main argument/thesis is how film acts as a strong educational tool for children, particularly who are either disabled or hailing from deprived backgrounds.
3. The minor points are:
1) Children easily associate with films, irrespective of their disabilities and family’s background. In the screening of ‘Duck Soup’, a film by Max Brothers, children suffering from autistics were seen laughing at the very same time when other children laughed.
A mother of an autistic boy was worried when the school film club in which he studied planned for a trip to London’s Leicester Square for watching a film called ‘War Horse.’ She thought that her child wouldn’t make through the tube journey and experience cinema. However the child survived by keeping his anorak zipped well up over his nose, and when he was questioned regarding the film, he said he found it very interesting. He added by saying that when the horse was stuck in the barbed wire, and it was wet he put his hand up to his face, which had never happened to him before. He also revealed that it was the first time that a film made him emotional and cried. (Taken from Page 2).
2) The UK film industry should me more opened to the diverse group of people.
The roundtable was certain that impact of films on children…

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