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Fight Club

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Anonymous: An analysis of Fight Club
Before there came to be the concept of the 99%, before there was the movement that radicalized the economy world, there was Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club. The story of an anonymous narrator dealing with his demons in the form of his split personality, Tyler Durden. One of the reasons why the novel is famous is because it brought forth a reality that many were living, but none was accepting: consumerism was taking over, and people were suffering because of it. This paper contributes towards the thesis that the narrator was the representation of the consumerist world, and Tyler was part of the 99%, the anonymous sect of people who were being robbed of their identity under the pretext of modern civilization. Furthermore, Fight Club is us: we all have a narrator inside of us, given the power of the consumerist agenda, but we fight with the Tyler inside, who is struggling to create his identity and break away from the norm.
The first instance from which we can infer that the narrator represents the consumerist America of the time is his through his dislike of Marla, whom he meets at a meeting that he had been frequenting to cure himself of his insomnia. Marla calls the narrator out on his false pretenses, calling him a faker. These point towards the characteristic ego of the consumerist era: Marla was everything that consumerism hated and feared. She was a strong, outspoken personality, a combination tha…

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