Fetish and My Fetish Survey Evaluation

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Fetish and My Fetish Survey Evaluation

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Fetish and my Fetish Survey Evaluation

Fetish Introduction
In the current society, it is apparent that a larger percentage of people are ignorant or unaware of matters pertaining sexuality. The Fetish Survey revealed that most people overlook the concept of sexual fetishism. As revealed by the results, a larger percentage of people in the society are not aware of what the term “Fetish” means. According to Ioerger et al. (2015), fetish refers to a turn-on feeling where an individual feels the need of engaging in an activity such as messy fun. Within the context of sexuality, it is evident that sexual fetishism refers to a sexual focus on an object without life. The object of excitement is known as a fetish. The sexual fetish may be considered as a mental disorder in situations where it results in noticeable psychosocial distress for an individual with an effect being noticed on the subject’s way of living. There are varied types of fetishes which people are unaware of their meaning. Gender, sex, and sexual orientation are some examples of fetishes which the society overlooks their meaning.
Pros and Cons of Fetish
There are several advantages and disadvantages associated to admitting to fetish. For instance, considering a case of admitting a person’s sexual fetish on an online dating platform can be a way of allowing the other users to make fun of an individual. Incidentally, putting it out there draws the wrong attention and communicates the …

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