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Module 2 Fertilization Discussion
No, humans cannot use mitosis for reproduction because of the following reasons. Mitosis is the procedure by which somatic cells are also known as non-reproductive cells split. It implies that only the non-reproductive cells can divide while the reproductive cells important in human reproduction cannot be divided in the process of mitosis. Somatic cells majorly make up body tissues and organs including muscles, lungs and hair cells. Reproductive cells, for example, the ova are not somatic cells and hence cannot divide through mitosis (Daily Motion, Min 3). Mitosis thus plays little to no function during fertilization since the gametes or sperms, and eggs in humans are derived from meiosis. Immediately after sperm and the ovum fuses, it contains a complete number of chromosomes from mitosis. Gametes which are the sperms contain only half the chromosomes which make them beneficial for creating a new human from two different humans. It is also an essential factor to consider that meiosis is necessary in reproduction while mitosis takes place in all other cells except the reproductive cells.
Mitosis hence plays a crucial role in non-somatic cells, for example, we continuously get blood supply from the red blood cells which only occur when the stem cells differentiate into red blood cells undergo mitosis. Mitosis is beneficial for the production of gametes such as the sperms and eggs. Fundamentally the m…

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