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Example of Fallacies
Artifact 1: A video from YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMLXfRyBMns
In the above YouTube video, a student who has not prepared for test attempts to convince another student to help him cheat. In his argument, the student agrees that he has not prepared for the test but points out that he has worn his lucky socks and he will perform well on the test. This is a ‘false cause’ fallacy because in the argument one event will cause another event to be successful.
Additionally, the student indicates that he will fail the test and consequently be sent to a summer school, causing a lot of problems to his mother (Fallacy Examples n.pag). In this, the student expresses ‘appeal to pity’ fallacy. The fallacy is where the student attempts to make the other student feel sorry for him so that he can cheat his test.
Artifact 2: Page 38 of Oscar Wilde’s book The Picture of Dorian Gray
“[Lord Henry] thought for a moment. “Can you remember any great error that you committed in your early days, Duchess?” he asked, looking at her across the table.
“A great many, I fear,” she cried.
“Then commit them over again,” he said gravely. To get back one’s youth, one has merely to repeat one’s follies” (Wilde 38).
A fallacy is also present in the novel The Picture of Dorian Grey as shown in the above content. On page 38 of the book, Lord Henry, Dorian (often referred to as Duchess…

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