extra credit #2 Federalism & The Constitution

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extra credit #2 Federalism & The Constitution

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Extra credit #2: Federalism & the Constitution
This essay discusses the YouTube video, Trump vs. California: The battle over immigration. It explains how California ‘protects’ illegal immigrants from federal law enforcement officers. The video states that criminal illegal immigrants in California are tolerated rather than handed over to federal officials (Fox Business n.p.). The explanation provided for this action is; the democrats over-rely on the Hispanic population for votes and California has adopted an electoral system that is hard to police. Approximately 73% Californians agree that as long as these immigrants pay taxes, learn English, and pass a background check; they are eligible to U.S. citizenship. However, an estimated 23% do not support the idea (Rall n.p.). CBS News (n.p.) states that the justice department sued California for three basic immigration regulations that obstructed the functioning of immigration officers. The federal government has the right to take the correct action. As Krutz and Waskiewicz (74) observe, the Constitution and federal government take precedence over state laws. California, in addition to the basic constitutional laws, holds that its people are free to acquire safety, property acquisition, and safety (Field 25). Other laws that the state has passed is the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Early this year (2018), the Californian administration legalized the sale of cannabis, but so…

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