export import research paper part 2

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export import research paper part 2

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Assignment 5: Export/Import Research Paper-Part II
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Export/Import Research Paper-Part II
Culture always varies from one community to the other. However, when it comes to the business field, different businessmen and women, originating from different cultures around the globe, always interact since business does not have boundaries. That is why you will find one country based on different cultural practices trading/conducting business activities, i.e. import and export kind of business activities, with another country based on a totally different cultural activities. An example of such countries is the U.S and the France which we analyzed in the first part of this assignment.
Moreover, when one indulges himself/herself in a business environment, the viability of such an environment is always determined by various extrinsic/external factors, some of which may include: government policies (that may determine the compliance of the business), and security factor. For one to conduct a business in a given environment, he/she must always make security the key factor since it this activity involves monetary activities and a businessman/woman will never want to risk on insecurity matters. From the results of the analysis done in the first part of this assignment, it is, therefore, clear that the cultures of the two countries in question, i.e. U.S and France, have distinct cultures especially when it comes to business matters. …

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