exploring the concepts of health

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exploring the concepts of health

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The Concepts of Health
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Part 1
There are diverse ways that individuals can define health or health problems and each has its importance. However, the way one chooses to define a health problem or health will establish what each perceives as being in good health or not. Another importance is that the definition will establish what constitutes good health or what causes health problems. The last importance is that it becomes simple to establish coping mechanisms to address health problems.
Part 2
The definitions have an implication in nursing since it becomes easy to ascertain the individual determinants of health. There are several determinants of health such personal attributes, environmental factors, psychological factors, psychosocial issues, and personally acquired potential (Bircher, & Kuruvilla, 2014). Therefore, healthcare practitioners get a chance to establish the determinants of health and the ways of promoting health in the society. Additionally, it creates the possibility to come up with coping mechanisms to deal with the health problems.
Part 3
There are several theoretical models in nursing such as; the Unitary Human Beings (Martha Rogers), the Self-Care Theory (Dorothea E. Orem), Transcultural Nursing (Madeleine Leininger), the Interpersonal Theory (Hildergard Peplau), From Novice to Expert (Patricia Benner), the System Model (Betty Neuman), and the Need Theory (Virginia Henderson). One theory that captivates me most…

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