Exploring Ghana

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Exploring Ghana

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Exploring Ghana
Republic of Ghana is an autonomous state with a unitary leader. It is located along the Atlantic Ocean and Guinea Gulf around West Africa. The country has a land capacity of 238, 535 Km2 and bordered by Ivory Coast in the western region. According to the native people living in Ghana the country name means Warrior King. The country has a mixed culture where different beliefs and practices are mixed together among the people from the region (Van Andel 370).
Coming from a family of dynamic practices it was imperative to study and explore the region of Ghana. The desire was accelerated because of the large number of ethnic groups from the region. There are more than 100 ethnic groups, and the biggest being the Moshi-Dagbani, Ga and Akan. The Akan incorporates the Ashanti tribe which is known to be the largest society in the region of West Africa. Lineage among the society is found by using different maternal ancestors as opposed to the paternal ones.
The issues of family is respected and often emulated by all the people from Ghana. This is because it is seen as the only bond that leads to responsibility, loyalty and identity among the citizens. The obligations of all the families take precedence above all other matters that pertain to life in the society. The extended families are also vital in the region as they are used by members to receive recognition while in other parts of the world (Mike 122).
A general observation…

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