Explanation of Academic Break

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Explanation of Academic Break

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Explanation of Academic Break
At some point, while I was undertaking my degree, I resorted to take a break from the tedious school schedule and cool off. Although my experience in school was interesting and thrilling, I was feeling anxious to explore other fields and get to learn new ideas aside from what I was pursuing back then. During my time away from school I have utilized this opportunity to better myself and equally achieve my other personal career targets.
A few weeks after I had taken my academic break, I opted to enroll for a course in fitness training and physical education. Since my childhood, I have always admired athletes; hence, I developed a passion for physical education. I completed the course and earned the title of a certified personal fitness trainer. I have had an opportunity to practice as a fitness trainer for my Uncle who is battling Cancer; indeed, this has been a fulfilling experience. Aside from that, I have done linguistic classes on Spanish before; hence, in one of my free days, I had an opportunity to tutor high school Spanish students in a nearby school.
A few months ago, a close friend of mine informed me of an online management position in Sales and Marketing for some machine and tooling company. This experience shaped me to develop better communication and interpersonal skills, since; I interacted with various customers of different culture and race. In addition, in the last national election campaigns, I was actively involved in many …

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