experiences you had with reading and writing

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experiences you had with reading and writing

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Seven Years in Tibet: My life Before, During and After 1952
Heinrich Harrer authored the novel. He was a voyager, traveler, and mountaineer. He lived an extraordinary and odd life in the 20th century. The book describes all the adventure starting with the early days of climbing the Alps, to his time in Tibet. His voyage comprised of exploration of Congo in the company of the Belgium king. The trip made him travel to remote parts of the country (Harrer 67).
The book is an autobiography that covers the life of Heinrich Harrer. It is one of the most rousing autobiographies in the planet. The Austrian mountaineer based his actual life between the year 1044 and 1951 in Tibet. That period was before the World War II and the temporary period before the Chinese army invaded Tibet in 1950. The book highlights how Harrer and his friend Peter Aufscher escaped from the jaws of the Communist Chinese People’s Liberation Army. The ground that provided reprieve was Lhasa. Harrer describes in details the culture of the Tibetan.
The book as aforementioned is one of the most inspiring autobiographies. It is unique in every aspect. The story outlines a culture known to few people; the Tibetan culture. The book explains the people of the land as respectful and kind. Their relationship with one another is adorable. It introduces another aspect of religion that majority of the people are not cognizant with; the Buddhism. A…

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