Expanding Freedoms

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Expanding Freedoms

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Civil rights are constitutional guarantees securing a person from an assault on individual freedoms, right to reasonable trial, right to vote. They are flexible from a separation on the premise of race, color, religion, sex, age, incapacity, or national originality. The sole purpose of this movement role was championing in natural social justice for discriminated blacks. These movements became active in the year 1950s to 1960s, in the US. Ion, in addition, its objective was to represent in helping the discriminated blacks to have equal rights protected equally by the constitution (Norton 45).
The movements’ impact on the struggle for equality of all black persons plus a just society protected under the laws was a successful one. The American Civil war had annulled the practices of the slave trade and slave, but that did not kill discriminative and demeaning laws and cultures against blacks like racial prejudice and physical assault against the blacks. Civil rights movement composed of blacks in collaboration with other many whites of the like ideas, they mobilized and waged a war that helped to end the past prejudices. This struggles, blacks were able to become leaders and also to hold public offices and immediate changes in the existing discriminative laws. In the year 1868, laws were passed giving the black people a right to be defended by the constitution equally. In 1870, an amendment was granted allowing the blacks to par…

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