Exams Are Over? Time to Recover

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Exams Are Over? Time to Recover

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Recovering From Stress after an Exam
It is common for a majority of students to be distressed whenever they are done away with their final exams as they lack clue of the next thing they can undertake. The majority of them end up enjoying long nights of drinking and debauchery in the name of reducing stress that had accumulated during exam time. This is a culture that ought to be discouraged. Instead, students should go for appropriate and healthy ways that can be important concerning reducing their stress without necessarily having to drink their selves’ wild.
Effects of Stress
Many psychologists have identified stress emanating from exams to be intense, leading to poor sleeping habits, decrease functioning of memory, in addition to creation worry and anxiety. Indeed, a level of adrenaline released to fight ‘exam fear’ increases with increase in stress of an exam paper. Worse of it is that there is an adverse effect to the body in case such stressful period are extended. Therefore, a lot of adrenaline is released weakening the immune system. In such cases, students become more susceptible to diseases leading to further adverse effects such a change in hair color.
Post-Exam Stress: The Unsung Killer
Recently, researchers have indicated that there is a strong correlation between post-exam stress and buildup of anxiety and pressure among students. In fact, students are liable to have a buildup of stress out of the fear of…

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