Evolution of beer yeast

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Evolution of beer yeast

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Evolution of Beer Yeast
Historically, many researchers have shown that there is a close relationship between mankind and yeast; this has led to the discovery of all fermented drinks. There have been many scientific inventions that have been put in place to improve the technology used in the process of fermentation. The primary purpose of brewing yeast in beer making plays an important in the process. When considering the various outcomes which relate the functions of yeast in the brewery, it has been concluded that these functions are mainly in support of yeast as being the main requirement for fermentation and it has ultimately maintained the quality of the product. The mentioned functions are nutrients supply; it is the primary raw material for the brew house production, utilities, microbiological integrity and the quality assurance practices. The main process involves the value chain of the beer production has remained s the key issue during the fermentation process.
Keywords: beer, yeast, brewing, fermentation, brewers, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and Saccharomyces bayanus

Beer brewing in its simplest form is one of the representations of the oldest mankind biotechnology. Even if the discovery of this pleasant drink was just an accidental contamination of grain or it was the human curiosity, this has remained as a mystery. Archaeological evidence on the brewing of beer was found in Sumerian tablets about …

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