Evaluation and Control

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Evaluation and Control

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An established firm always ensures that it is relevant to the dynamic nature of the market. For this to be achieved, the firm analyses the goals, strategy, and future trends. Evaluation and control play greate roles in these analyses. Evaluation is the ability of a firm to determine whether it is moving towards achieving the goals and objectives set for the firm. The progress made towards goal achievement is essential to ensure that activities undertaken are towards goal set attainment. Control is the adjustment that is undertaken in case it’s realized that the strategy used is not adequate to achieve the goal (White & Bruton, 2011). It can be determined when the evaluation procedure is undertaken. Typically, evaluation helps the firm to predict the result of a particular process undertaken. Through evaluation, the firm can know whether the goals set are to be achieved; if not necessary changes must be made to attain the goal set before the project (control). Evaluation and control procedures are supposed to be linked together since they provide clear indications of the project’s success.
A strategic process entails planning, implementation, evaluation, and control. Evaluation and control processes are different at every stage (White & Bruton, 2011). At the planning stage, the vision and mission must be detailed, realistic and achievable. Thus at this stage, evaluation is the core since it enables the firm to det…

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