Evaluating Quality Patient Outcomes

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Evaluating Quality Patient Outcomes

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Data can provide information to evaluate quality patient outcome through the presentation of figures representing numbers of patients attended to by health professionals, different health problems expressing the most frequent, and response of patients to medication. The tabular and graphical representations of for instance, results of medical laboratory tests and exams, medical requirements, all these facts and statistics, sometimes the medical history as collected by a researcher are utilized to give general information about a certain aspect in the healthcare system showing whether there was quality care for patients hence determining the kind of patient outcomes (Grando, Rozenblum, & Bates, 2015). 
An example of data reflecting poor quality of care informs on high mortality rates in the emergency department in a health facility due to the lack of preparedness among health professionals. This is if healthcare givers must have failed to contain a situation which they would have managed. Quality improvement can be a daily task in patient care by considering all the healthcare needs and requirements of patients while adhering to the ethical standards of the nursing practice. Health professionals need to understand that they must ensure the safety of patients daily as a way of improving quality patient outcomes (Grando, Rozenblum, & Bates, 2015). 
Quality improvement needs to be associated with the ch…

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