Evaluating Quality of Media Information 2

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Evaluating Quality of Media Information 2

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As a result of the advancement in technology, media plays a significant role in our lives. However, there is another problem with media on how to evaluate the message we receive. In this essay, we are going to discuss two additional indicators that are essential in assessing media content.
The first indicator in evaluating media content is to know the source of the information and the reason why the users should believe in it. When reading a piece of information in media, we should be careful with the sources and people being quoted in the context. The sources used should be cited properly. Also, if the content is about a particular organization then it is important to find the name of that and some background information. The reason why a person should understand the sources used are to recognize the level of expertise a person in question may possess regarding a certain field (Memon et al., 38).
The second indicator of evaluating media content is the interpretation provided for a certain piece of information. Most of the media content offers the main point or a thesis. As a result, others may be straightforward or be built around a particular idea. Therefore, to evaluate this is to ask for an interpretation to be provided and gauge if they make any sense (Memon et al., 40). Also, one should read keenly to know if the adequate evidence supports the conclusions given. If the whole story is supported by enough information, then people will believe in it.
In conclusion, it is e…

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