Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of progressivism

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Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of progressivism

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Progressivism is used to describe a belief that a government or individuals are working in its place can be a tool to eradicate social evils like corruption and other inequalities within the society. This period was characterized by social movements like environmentalism and communism. The following are advantages and disadvantages of progressivism era.
Environmental movements were staged and helped to clean sources of waters like rivers and lake. The sources had been polluted by the progress of industrial revolution. “The anti-poverty movements advocated for women and elderly education, which led to improvement of their economic status” 1. “Improved economic status contributed to the rise of middle-class persons and extended life expectancy” 3. Anti-racism movements promoted peace that is enjoyed to date on American grounds.
Progressivism contributed immensely towards social improvement but faced some limitation. “For instance, political leaders from Republican Party were divided on whether to regulate or promote free trade that is Roosevelt and Wilson” 2. The progressive movement that was founded as a result of progressivism facilitated racism. The party limited its membership to whites who were educated and middle class. “The efforts of progressivism were impeded by inadequate funds to implement some of the ideas it advocated for” 1. For instance, child labor continued to be rampant even after Americans were sensitized to shun it. The federal court could no…

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