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Evaluate something on this campus

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Evaluation of Students on this Campus
This evaluation will seek to target students within the campus who use the library in learning. In addition, the evaluation will target the librarians and other relevant library practitioners to enhance their effectiveness in the provision of quality services to the students.
Evaluation Process
In the course of executing this assessment, I focused on the integration of four criteria in evaluating library services. The evaluation addresses the demands and expectations of the students within the learning institution: success, efficiency, effectiveness, and benefits.
This refers to the achievement of the desired target or goal. The goal of the library is to provide quality services in accordance with the demands of the students and other relevant stakeholders. In order to achieve that, the library has been essential in generating flexibility and convenience, thus enabling students to access the academic resources at physical and virtual locations.
Efficiency relates to the realization of competency in performance under the influence of requisite knowledge, skills, and valuable resources. From this perspective, the library has been essential in ensuring that students have access to the academic resources in the physical and virtual locations. In the course of the assessment, I was able to note that the students would maximize their study sessions when granted quality services at t…

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