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Ethnic and Acculturation
Ethnic identity is the individual thinking and perception to have a sense of belonging and membership affiliation to a particular ethnicity or ethnic groups. Ethnic identity is formed due to an influence of internal and external components within an individual. This provides mechanisms under which ones proof of identity is classified on. The external components are the visible alignment of behaviors towards a particular culture such as traditions, language and friendship ties. The internal components are the exhibition of cognitive and moral dimensions that one conceptualizes on through self-imaginations on particular ethnic group beliefs and values (Patton et al., 2016).
Acculturation of ethnic groups can be referred as the change of individual’s prevailing social beliefs, value and behaviors to adopt other cultural practices that have been facilitated through direct contact or adapting to other cultures that are eminent in one’s environment at a particular time. Its occurrence can be traced when one leaves or migrates into a new cultural climate hence adopts the hosts’ values and principles. It can be argued that acculturation affects existing behaviors since the minority group tends to fit in the existing largely overwhelmed ethnic group. Patton et al., (2016) argue acculturation as the process change in behavior especially in learning institution happens when the …

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