Ethical Review

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Ethical Review

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Ethical Review
The Purposeful harm and abuse of animals by the human beings is morally wrong. This is not because of the intrinsic rights that are possessed by the animals or the act of killing or pain caused to the animal that is thought to be intrinsically wrong, but it is due to the effects that most of these practices have on the nature of our ethical sensibilities, of our personal status as the ethical agents. From a personal point of view, the acts and ethical concepts that that we witness within the society, which occur within our communal and social lives, generally affect the contours of human beings moral development. Scientifically, human beings are considered to be animals and since humans have feelings towards any treatment they are exposed to, it should be noted that other animal species have feelings too, and they feel bad when mistreated by human beings (Stolerman, 492).
Many human beings consider eating animals as not a cruel act but killing human beings is a cruel act. This point seems contradictory since humans are part of the animal species according to science, and hence killing other animals is just the same as killing human beings (McMahan, 106s). However, the laws of the ecosystem revolve around the food chain system, where animals depend on each other to survive while others depend on the vegetation to survive. In this case, the intelligent animals have always been seen to conquer the natural surrounding since t…

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