Ethical leadership

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Ethical leadership

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Ethical leadership
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The dilemmas in assessing ethical leadership when a leader needs to create enthusiasm for a risky strategy or project
An organization may require creating an innovative project or strategy to be successful in the industry. A leader has the responsibility of explaining the risky venture to the followers so that they can comprehend what they are expected to do. A risky investment has a high likelihood of bringing significant revenues and profit margins to a company although it can also result in massive losses especially when it fails or is not completed at the right time. A leader must influence the perception of his followers in regards to risks and prospects for success. There are various ethical dilemmas that a leader can be faced with when he/she needs to create enthusiasm for a risky strategy or project.
One ethical dilemma is the creation of a full proof plan. A leader must come up with a convincing plan for the new risky project that would help followers to have trust in its success. An ethical dilemma can arise when a leader is unable to come up with a full proof plan which can be confusing to all those who are involved. A leader must also clearly state the advantages and the benefits that would be realized after completing a project which can also create a dilemma especially on the part of employees (Trevino, 2015).
Bonus and performance-based rewards can mot…

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