Ethical Dilemma Experience

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Ethical Dilemma Experience

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Ethical Dilemma Experience
Ethical behavior refers to actions that are consistent with what the individuals and society consider being desirable values. Besides, ethical conduct is important for businesses and includes reverence for moral values such as individual rights, equality, diversity, and fairness. Social responsibility allows businesses to maximize its positive consequences and minimize the negative consequences (Harris 30). Ethical behavior and social responsibility concerns have been organized as laws and regulation that inspire business to fit into a society’s attitudes, values, and standards. A business that observes ethical behavior and social responsibility makes a lot of profit.
I once experienced an ethical dilemma when I went to the supermarket to purchase some items. I got to the queue like a civilized person to pay for the item. Suddenly a prominent business person came and stood before me. I politely requested the customer to excuse me but turned against me and put his arm on my chest. He even threw my shopping on the floor. The security personnel and the teller watched in disbelief without any help. I decided to report to the operational manager who promised to address the concern.I felt cheated because when I left a similar thing happened to another customer. A white man pushed an African woman in the presence of the operational manager, and no action was taken. I learned it was a norm w…

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