Ethical and Legal Factors

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Ethical and Legal Factors

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Ethical and Legal Factors
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In order to achieve the provision of quality health services to the people, each and every person within the nursing area ought to perform their duties as is expected of them. For instance, Marty is a stakeholder within the nursing department; however, if she fails to report to work or give her maximum concentration at the workplace, so many things could go wrong such as failure in the achievement of desired organizational objectives. The leadership handled this legal and ethical issue in an efficient as well as effective way since they could strike a favorable deal that favored both Marty’s response to her family and job. Taking into consideration that it is important for the management to look at both ends, i.e., responsibility to the family and that of the goals of organization, the management succeeded in engaging Marty in a dialogue that saw them come up with a flexible working schedule that was liable to punitive actions in the scenario that she contravened it (Sfantou et al., 2017).
If I were a leader in this kind of scenario I would execute my legislation keeping in mind the responsibilities of a nurse such as; the duty to uphold individual rights and dignity, communicate effectively to the subordinates, ensuring that organizational are met on the right time. To add on this, as per the ethics of ANA, I would ensure that in place there are policies governing nurse’s behavior at the workplace so that an issu…

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