Establishing goals consistent with your values and ethics

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Establishing goals consistent with your values and ethics

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Establishing Goals Consistent with your Values and Ethics
Goals are an essential aspect of life. Everyone needs to have some goals set for their life. Goals are useful in helping us direct our energy, create plans and have a purpose-filled life and a sense of accomplishment when we finally achieve them. Having values, however, is a great starting point for setting up our goals. They are strong and compelling determinants that are a representation of our innermost determinants. Values refer to what we want to stand for, how we want to relate to the world, and how we want to be remembered. They reflect our sense of right and wrong and what we believe should be (Glenn 244).”Therefore, in the setting of goals, our values will be a predominant factor in the setting up of our dominos.
Setting goals in the workplace may it be regarding the amount of work one sets to perform in a given period, or the time frame to accomplish a particular goal? Workplace goals should, however, be in line with the rules and regulations of the company. It is important to ensure that one’s goals do not affect the running of the organization. However, our values get to distinguish the situations that we can accept in the workplace. (Janasz, Dowd & Schneider 135)
At the workplace, interests, and values continuously are renewed. Consultants in the workplace have instilled the workplace values, in which their moral standings speak for themselves, even including th…

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