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The Mode
The mode is the most recurrent mark. Thus the mode of the score is 11.
The median
The median is the mark in the mid when the data is organized either from the largest to the smallest and vice versa.
5,6,7,11,11, therefore, the median is 7
The mean
μ=(xi)n=7+11+5+6+115=405=8The range
The range is the difference amid the maximum and the minimum score.
R=highest score-lowest score=11-5=6
The mean will be greatly affected since any additional data will count.
A neuron is one of the major parts of the nervous system. Neurons are the cells that play a part in integration and the communication in the whole nervous system. It is made up of the following parts; axons, dendrites, cell body and the axon terminals. The soma or the cell body plays that is responsible for the basic process of life of the neurons (Nielsen, 2015). The axon act as the output of the neuron. They are designed in both function and shape to facilitate the transfer of information faster and reliable for long distance. Axon branches to connect to various neurons in the body. The axon terminals enhance the connection of one axon to the other neurons in the body. The Dendrites plays the role of combining information through their designed shape and function.
The depressant slow down the functioning of the central nervous system examples includes cannabis and alcohol. The stimulants disrupt the communication between the…

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