ESPN in 2015

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ESPN in 2015

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ESPN in 2015
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ESPN in 2015
ESPN is a global satellite and cable sports television channel. The channel is operated in New York, Miami, Charlotte, and Seattle. It is one of the leading sport media brands which provides brands in distribution and advertisement of sports. The mission of the company is “To serve sports fans wherever sports are watched, listened to, discussed, debated, read about or played.” The company is dedicated on improving its brand to ensure that it has a competitive advantage over its competitors. For example, Roger Werener started emphasized the importance of the brand when he was the president in 1988 (Pierce, 2015). Other presidents such as Bodenheimer and Bornstein also continued stressing the need for maintaining the quality brand in the subsequent years. They claimed that sports fan should be given an opportunity to give their opinions on the sports news that are presented by the channel. Furthermore, the company has established ideal match ups which help create games thus optimize viewership. Therefore the company was able to convince their viewers to start viewing games on Monday night rather than Saturday afternoon. The fans give the company a competitive advantage over their competitors because they are always involved in the decision making of the company. Additionally, improved quality of the brand allows the company to gain more customers. The quality brand helps ESPN to develop partne…

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