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Equality and justice
Equality and justice
Equality and justice in the United States are realistic when citizens receive equal protection and security under the law as stipulate in the 14th amendment. The police brutality which is evident in some areas in America is it evidence of equality and justice? The paper describes how the law treats different individuals from a different ethnicity to ascertain the effect of fairness and justice in social life.
Equal justice under the law is the principle of the security system in America and even the Supreme Court building. The country has been in despair since the act, and the laws are at contrary. Social justice and criminal justice are closely related, and that’s the reason why international communities endeavors to decrease social inequalities, gender equality, promote right working conditions and access to justice for the well-being of the people (Ferguson, 65). In any case, justice does not apply equally to all the citizens of a state, crimes rates, poverty levels, health complications, and other extreme social challenges impacts the people negatively. Social health is the critical point of argument since incase discrimination is practiced; those in the adult juvenile system of justice are significantly affected by ruthless handling.
In conclusion, when justice is not practiced with equality, social crimes affect society and poverty is likely to strike the marginalized communities. Those i…

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