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Equality concerns people in a society having the same status regarding property right, civil rights, civil rights, and opportunities in access to social services. This principle provides push-backs against discrimination of individuals by race, gender, class, language, disability, and other social or economic status. Equality in the society is enhanced by governments on a local and national level through initiatives and policies that guard against any form of unfair treatment. Even so, international organizations such as the United Nations (UN), and the International Labor Organization (ILO) have made concerted efforts to ensure that equality is achieved among countries. More importantly, equality can be achieved through the distribution of political and civic participation, health services, and remuneration.
The distribution of the same opportunities in the political and civic space for all individuals is a sensitive, but important way of promoting equality. This concept is a crucial factor in the society because it enables individuals to participate in the electoral process that cut across voting in presidential and parliamentary elections. The organization of the political power structure in a country has a profound influence on how the citizens find their place within the social fabric. The citizens are the main participants in the political life of a country and promoting democracy in the election process is the foundation…

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