Environmental Worldviews, Policy, and Industrial Ecology

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Environmental Worldviews, Policy, and Industrial Ecology

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Environmental World Views, Policy and Industrial Ecology
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Economic development goes hand in hand with environmental sustainability. It is from the environment that the resource that foster economic development is obtained. The outputs of activities of economic development are released into the environment through different channels. Hence, economic development and environment are interlinked as they affect each other (Gifford 2004). With a deteriorating environment, the economic development is at risk and with uncontrolled economic development activities the environment quality is at risk too. The interlinking of the two factors has brought about a concern in the world. There is a need to change human behavior such that economic growth and environmental protection complement one another rather than competing goals. Therefore, a framework that manages environmental issues and brings about a healthy interrelationship between ecological systems and industrial systems should be adopted. Hence, sustainable development should not be seen as an ambitious pursuit but rather a way of maintaining two complementing and important factors. By it definition sustainable development is meeting the developmental goals of a human being as the ability of the natural systems is sustained so as to continue providing the natural resources and services on which the society and economy depend on (Gifford, 2004).
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