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Entrepreneurship is the process of coming up with business ideas and launching them. The businesses are usually small at the start, and their success is determined by the dedication of the people who started them and their team. Some of the most successful entrepreneurial ventures are based on original ideas. When a person begins producing copied products or services, they are not likely to achieve the desired results since the commodities they provide are already available on the market. The exponential growth in the technological world in the last few decades has presented a wide range of opportunities in the business world. The research below focusses on Mark Zuckerberg who founded Facebook and continues to venture and invest in other businesses; he purchased Instagram and WhatsApp both of which allow people to interact with one another just like Facebook. Zuckerberg also gives back to the community through making donations to various charity organizations.
Keywords: business, entrepreneur, social media.
Zuckerberg started Facebook as a small project during his college years. It made massive breakthroughs within a short span of time. The original idea was an online program, “Facemash” which made it possible for its users to compare fellow students based on their faces and select who they perceived to be more attractive. Since the platform enabled users to objectify others, these actions resulted in Zuckerberg nar…

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