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As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Also, no man is an island and no man can stand alone. We all need friends to support us, those who will always give us their shoulders to lean on. This was the kind of friendship that Mary, John, and Alex had, they were inseparable. They were in the same class and all group discussions and projects were done together. One would have mistaken them for triplets. This kind of friendship gives one some kind of fulfillment and a sense of belonging.
However, such kind of bond may become foul if one person feels betrayed by others. It was during the summer season that the friendship between Alex, John, Mary become sour. Alex had to withdraw from Mary and John and was easily infuriated by them. He always isolated himself and he no longer attended any of their usual meetings. Any attempt to find what the problem did not yield anything. Alex felt betrayed by his friend. In his mind, he had already made his conclusion that Mary and John were having an affair. ‘How could my best friends start a relationship without minding my feelings?’ It was the question that always lingered in his mind. He eventually decided that enough was enough. He could not hold it anymore. He had to confront them. It was then that he asked John why he had written a letter to Mary. John was shocked since he had no clue that Alex had seen him give Mary the letter. He explained it was …

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