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English Analysis Essay

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Subcategory: Classic English Literature

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The following is a poetry piece. It is part of creative literature genre.
Growing Up
Once I was a toddler, moving about was a tall order
Crawling and holding onto object was the order of the day
But soon I became a small child, running about and around
Playing with toys, boys, girls, and all around me
It was all fun and games, from dawn to dusk
It was all nice, until I realized growing up was a trap.
Going to school was scary, it was horrifying leaving the comfort of home
Waking up early in the morning and joining the rest of the world in the rat race
It is then that I realized grading is the face of the race
All have to work hard to get the top grades so that future can be from the top shelves
Playing became a vice because it affected the good grades
It was all nice, until I realized growing up was a trap.
I was soon out of school, with good grades to show
But even so, I had to find a good job to run the life show
It was back to the competition of life, now out of school
The big boss had to see the results for the pay to be cool
It was no more play but all about the pay at the end of the day
It was all nice, until I realized growing up was a trap.
Soon family came through, and it was all a bundle of elation
Living with loved ones is all about the show of affection
But not long before all the joy becomes tribulation
Job demands and family demands all upon the shoulders
Bills to pay an…

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