Employment Law: Bruce Fisher case

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Employment Law: Bruce Fisher case

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Bruce Fisher case
I would advise Fisher to sue the Northern Bell Phone Company for violating the Employment Act (ENDA) of 2009 on sexual discrimination and harassment. Sex discrimination involves unfavorable treatment of other persons due to their sex. Discrimination based on transgender identity is classified as discrimination by being a male or female. Transgender employees were victims of discrimination in their work area in the past two decades. Reports on termination, underemployment and employment are rampant among the transgender population.
The Employment Non- Discrimination Act (ENDA) Act of 2009 banned discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation (Guerin, 2011). The law prohibits employers from firing employees based on their sexual orientation and gender identity. Therefore, Bruce Fisher should sue his employer for violating the ENDA act and firing him. Violators of these acts of discrimination firing people and also not recruiting people can be fined up to $10,000 or may be imprisoned as a second conviction alternative. In the United States, almost all employees, especially in the government sectors, are entitled to the due process right. This right ensures that the employer cannot take away any employee’s property interest, freedom or suspend them without giving them a fair hearing process or notice
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