Employer Based Insurance

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Employer Based Insurance

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The Role of Employer-sponsored Health Insurance
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The Role of Employer-sponsored Health Insurance
The role of employer-sponsored insurance (ESHI) has historically been to provide health coverage to employers. Through this, it ends up being possible for people to get quality coverage at lower costs. Employers have also been using this method of coverage as a means of making the job opportunities lucrative to potential employees. However, with time, the implementation of the ACA ended up creating a different meaning of employer-sponsored health insurance, and this act was majorly aimed towards dealing with common challenges associated with this coverage.
Impact of the Cover on Uninsured Population
With ESHI focusing on getting economies of scale towards offering health insurance to their workers, insurance companies have never been “pleased” with such programs since they tend to prefer having individual covers. To offset the lost profits due to ESHI, they tended increasing their cost further when it came to the uninsured population intending to get individual coverage (KFF, 2017).
Lack of insurance companies to be included coverage discussion has been a challenge. Additionally, some workers tend to prefer private insurance. In some other cases, it has been difficult for some workers to get a coverage meeting their individual needs (Long, Rae, Claxton, Jankiewicz & Rousseau, 2016).
Role of ESHI after Healthcare Reform
The introduct…

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