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Emotional Intelligence
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Emotional Intelligence Reflection
Skills such as self-regulation, empathy, social skills, self-awareness, and motivation were instilled in us while growing up. These are the main elements that make up emotional intelligence (EI). With the changing times, the importance of having leaders with strong EI is acknowledged, and as a result, they will be competent.
A year ago, it was tough for me to deal with self-regulation. I struggled so hard in school because I used to take several tasks at a go. I would take on a task without considering prior plans whatsoever, hence not being able to balance my school and social lives. I had too much on my plate, and it only got worse when I was unable to meet deadlines. I ended up doing unsatisfactory work since I was not putting enough time and effort on each one of them. This affected my competence, and no one wanted to assign me any more tasks. I lost friends with whom I stood up because I had so much on my schedule I forgot about what we had planned. I hurt their emotions unknowingly.
All would have been well if I had created a time plan for my actions. In as much as managing time is hard, it would have been very effective in my situation. Excellent communication skills towards my friends would have made them stay around me longer.EI involves combining one’s feelings and opinions with those of others so that decisions are sensible. It is wise because one uses them …


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