Emergency Management

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Emergency Management

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Emergency management involves the establishment of a contingency plan that should be followed in case of a disaster. Disastrous events that necessitate the creation of an emergency plan may include sabotage, terrorism, as well as natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes among many others. Therefore, emergency management assists communities, businesses, and schools in mitigation of the effects of any unforeseen circumstances. For instance in the US FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is the agency that is responsible for overseeing the national emergency management (EMERGENCY, 2002). In event of major disasters such as the Hurricanes witnessed in the year 2016 the agency lead coordination efforts. In general emergency management comprises five-step processes namely; disaster prevention, mitigation of disaster, preparedness, a response in event of a disaster as well as the recovery process. Even though disasters can be prevented not all disasters can be fully prevented. Therefore, it’s paramount to assess potential risks and put into place measures to lessen the impact of a disaster that is why disaster mitigation is important. In regards to preparedness, it is the responsibility of every citizen to be always prepared in event of earthquakes or alien attacks. The response, as well as recovery, are after-effect processes, these help communities and people to recover and rebuild their lives after a disaster.

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