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Email Revision

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Email Revision
Student’s Name
Professor’s name
Scenario 1 – Susan’s Email
Dear Professor,
Greetings, I understand that you are busy so I will be brief. I wish to express my sincerest gratitude for being of great assistance in my studies recently. I have strived to put in place all that you stressed during lectures and apply the same when writing my essays. However, my grades have not been appealing, and I am writing to make a humble request which I promise will reflect in my class grades. Upon receiving the results of my essay, I noted that I did not perform as I had anticipated. My presumption that I had already read and revised enough is the primary cause of my failure. I must admit that I may have made mistakes when writing my essay and this is why I am seeking your intervention and assistance so that I can better my grades.
Recently, I have devoted much time in the library researching and studying on how to better my essay writing skills. I also made an initiative of writing a couple of essays to gauge my competency. Additionally, I spent hours searching for credible sources to support my ideas and assertions. However, little did I know that I was yet to master the art of writing excellent essays. I also understand that you are very strict on essay writing and I appreciate this because it is for the greater good of all students. However, I was hopeful that you would enlighten me by pointing out specific areas that I am yet to master. I promi…

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