Ellen Degeneres

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Ellen Degeneres

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Ellen Degeneres
Comedy is a tool that helps people to stay happy and positive despite hard times. People believe in the power of laughter, as it helps to reduce stress. Ellen DeGeneres is a well-known stand-up comedian that has become influential in the lives of many people. She uses comedy and humor to lead conversations about homosexuality (Neary). Being gay herself, she has used comedy to change how people view gay people since coming out in 1997. DeGeneres uses jokes and plays character that help to shed light on homosexuality, thereby enabling its visibility. It was hard to come out as she associated felt ashamed and hated herself because of the society’s stereotypes (Ellen DeGeneres: Saying, ‘I’m Gay’’). By addressing the issue, she hopes to change the mindset.
DeGeneres is among the people that have admitted to being gay, publicly, and she used humor to gain acceptance from the society gradually. One clear example of how she used her jokes to shed light on homosexuality is her famous quote saying, “With all of our differences, we all have one thing in common, we’re all gay” where she humorously uses the word gay and leaves the audience to decide which meaning DeGeneres is referring to (Ellen Degeneres-we are all gay). She then goes on to describe that she is talking about being homosexual jokes about everyone having a slight appeal to homosexuality.
DeGeneres has admitted that coming out was ver…

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