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Eleanor and Park

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Eleanor and Park
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Eleanor and Park
Perhaps one of the most revolutionary romance stories of our times, Eleanor and Park is not the average stereotypical story of love and romance. Instead, it portrays the truth about love which is that love, in its very essence is one of the most difficult and complex emotions (Odean 2013). It also portrays that suffering and brutality are avid aspects of our lives that we have to find a way to live and cope with (Rowell 2015). It is also a depiction of the inconvenient truth that at times we have to escape our so-called loved ones because they cause us the most pain.
Rainbow Rowell is the author of Eleanor and Park. This was Rowell’s first novel as a young adult. It follows the stories of two people who are considerably imperfect but end up wildly in love with each other (Osborn 2016). Park is from a Korean family. He is friendly but has tendencies of awkwardness when he is in social gatherings (Boyd & Pennell, 2015; De Groot, 2013). These are attributed to his race, taste in music and love for comic books. His father believes he should be athletic and take up taekwondo, but he is not as enthused about the sport (Azwari 2016). Eleanor, or “Big Red” as she is popularly referred to throughout the book because of her size and flaming red hair, on the other hand, comes from a broken family CITATION Gre13 l 1033 (Green, 2013). Eleanor’s step-father; Richie, is an alcoholic and abusive. Th…

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