Elder Fraud and Exploitation

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Elder Fraud and Exploitation

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Elder Fraud and Exploitation
Elder Fraud and Exploitation
The rising incidents of elder fraud are putting several elderly citizens in harm’s way. The events threaten to strip the older adults of all their independence, trust and assets. The word “scammed” is one that no family member of an elderly person wants to hear (Canamedia et al., 2011). Sweetheart scam is one very common scam against the old. However, it is very tough to punish by law (Canamedia et al., 2011).This paper talks about two possible ways through which family members, caregivers, and aging experts can help prevent these scams.
One way to protect the elderly from the fast increasing scams is through the senior fraud protection kit (“Elderly Fraud Protection Kit,” n.d.). This protection package can assist family members, and caregivers shield the elder from scams by informing them of the most recent scams against people of their age and condition (“Elderly Fraud Protection Kit,” n.d.). Through this protection kit, the caregivers and family can also help safeguard the elders by providing them with a range of tools and resources to help them stay clear of elder frauds and exploitation. The kit has a “Criminal Target Scale” which when completed; one can determine how “scam-exposed” their elderly relative is (“Elderly Fraud Protection Kit,” n.d.). If the family or caregiver read anything strange from the scale, that should be enough reason for them to inform the relevant…

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