Effect of workshop in education

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Effect of workshop in education

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Nursing

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Workshops as an educational tool for different professional fields have been widely used in significant parts of the world yielding a positive result on participants. A study conducted in the field of nursing through the use of questionnaires was done to on research to find the effects of workshops on education. A sample of participants was given the questionnaires which were later collected for analysis. The questionnaires were further followed by telephone interviews on the selected sample participants. The response was familiar to every participant with ANOVA analysis showing a very close relationship between workshops and education. The participants in their reports demonstrated the importance of seminars in developing positive changes in their career through skills enhancement. The results through analysis showed that workshops promote learning of new ideas as it enhances consistent and subsequent learning. Workshops are therefore being encouraged as a positive step towards developing skills through regular education and innovation of concepts in a particular field.
Keywords: workshops, education, questionnaire, ANOVA, skills, learning, regular, interviews, sample, participants

Effects of Workshop in Education
A workshop is a standard tool for staff and educational improvements all over the world and has a broad application on different careers. Despite participants’ reactions on the benefits of workshops, …

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