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Psychosocial Development

The treatment of mental health issues through the use of theories and therapeutic techniques related to the unconscious mind, or what is sometimes termed psychoanalysis has been the subject of many a debate. Some scholars have attempted to demystify this concept entirely, and this includes Joan Erikson and Erik Erikson. Cordially, they developed a timeline of psychosocial development, which highlighted an individual’s progress from birth to their sexagenarian years and beyond. From a reading of their theory, the Erikson’s developed a nine-stage theory explaining human psychosocial development as they grow and develop. The stages usually produce the following virtuous outcomes; hope, will, purpose, competence, fidelity, love, care and wisdom (Dunkel et al. 2017).
As a sixth-grade math teacher, it is likely that a vast majority of the students are aged between eleven and twelve years. Thus they fall squarely under the fourth stage of psychosocial development where the virtue to be attained competence. Here, the main question guiding their cause of action is, whether or not they can hack worldly complexities and human interaction. The growing child is struggling with the inferiority of childhood and a desire for productivity and industry (Knight, 2017). It is also at this stage that the moral values of a child start taking root.
This unprecedented change is not easy for children at this stage. Usually, some children may fail to s…

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