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Education Argumentative Essay

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Importance of Time Management from Consultant and Client’s Perspectives
The subject of time management is an essential aspect from a consultant and a client’s perspective in the construction industry. It refers to the ability to allocate a schedule for every activity that is required to accomplish a particular goal. The saying that “time is money” applies for a consultant with a strategic objective of increasing effectiveness while enhancing productivity. Conversely, a client will judge the project’s success not only by accomplishing it within the speculated budget but also within the estimated time.
From the consultant’s perspective, time is vital because their services are paid at an hourly rate and the nature of the projects they are undertaking (Beesly). Their performance is rated based on their ability to offer meaningful advice at the critical point of decision-making in project management. Thus, time management plays a fundamental role in the success of a client’s project.
However, from a client’s perspective, time management is equally important in planning the meetings for the negotiation process. Allocation of sufficient time to discuss the client’s project is essential in ensuring that they are satisfied with the outcome of the project. Time management is also critical for managing risks and uncertainty that may emerge in the middle of project execution. Thus, clients also have the responsib…

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