Economic Shocks within American Foreign Trade

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Economic Shocks within American Foreign Trade

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Economic Shocks within American Foreign Trade
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One of the areas of NAFTA that that has room for improvement is: BORDER SECURITY. As a free trade area, NAFTA involves an unrestricted movement of goods, people and services across the borders between, Mexico, Canada and The United States. The proponents of NAFTA include positive economic outcomes for the three partners. However, the dependence on the outcomes on these open borders to bring with it greater opportunities for narcotrafficking and performance of criminal activities. According to (Ackleson, 2003), border security in the past will mainly revolve on applied screening for any terrorist incursions into the United States through air and also land borders.
The management of the free flow of people, goods and services and the prevention of illegal flow of goods, workers and capital is the greatest dilemma that faces NAFTA on the war on drugs. There is smooth cooperation along the Northern Border between Canada and U.S but a lack of cooperation along the Mexico- U.S border. Thus, a greater emphasis on controlling the NAFTA borders is a significant policy issue. The second area that has room for improvement is:
NAFTA countries are mainly energy interdependent and there is a substantial cross-border flow of natural gas, electricity and petroleum. Canada is the most secure and also t…

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