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Ecology revised

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China continues to face a deep ecological crisis as the levels of pollution in the country continue to rise tremendously. The pollution crisis in the country occurs in the situation affecting the Huai River. Currently, the river’s water is unfit for industrial use and furthermore cannot be used for human and animal consumption (Chandler, 2014). There is a high level of polluted water, and the crisis has triggered a response from the Chinese government who are working hard to put up measures to curb the situation. China has limited water resources, and furthermore the water resources are facing serious depletion if the situation is to continue as it is. The nation’s river basins continue to be the two most troubled regions in the entire area.
The ecological crises affecting China and the deterioration of the environment have brought much pressure on the Chinese government to curb the situation, and there have been calls to revise the economic development that the nation claims to have. The current situation is in the dire situation as the water resources are unfit for consumption as the water is unfit for consumption as well as industrial and agricultural use (Jing, 2015).Furthermore, it cannot be given to animals for consumption because it is a risk factor and may cause serious complications to these domestic animals. This major ecological crisis has led to the deterioration of the environment, and it is in dou…

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