Early Childhood Development Stage

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Early Childhood Development Stage

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Early Childhood Development Stage

Developmental psychology is that field of psychology that deals with examining what remains constant and what changes take place in the in human behavior throughout their life. These changes or constancies are observed from the time a person is conceived to the time of death. It is a field that focuses on a broad range of functions ranging from cognitive development, motor skills, moral understanding, executive functions, social change and many more areas of human functionality.
There are many stages of psychological development, including infancy, early childhood, pre-school age, school age, adolescence, early adulthood, mid-adulthood, and adulthood. All the stages are important in one way or another to the individuals, and very key changes take place in the functionality of an individual (Benson & Haith, 2010). The early childhood stage, I believe, is the most important phase of development in an individual’s life cycle, however. Extremely important milestones take place here, which determine the life the individual will live in future, as a grown up.
The early childhood stage is the stage of development between the age of 2 to the age of 6 or 7 years. This is the stage just after infancy, where a human being begins to understand his environment and what is around them. In this stage, there are some changes that take place which includes the physical growth and development, cognitive growth and development and Social-emotional growt…

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