Drugs, Alcohol and Crime

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Drugs, Alcohol and Crime

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Drugs, Alcohol and Crime
Recent studies have regularly shown the consistent relationship between alcohol, drug use and criminal behavior. The most worrying trend has been the increasing number of drug users over the years a factor that has made analysts predict of more drug-related crimes in future if the issue is not addressed. These drugs have been classified based on the ABC system to distinguish them as recreational drugs. The ABC system classifies illicit substances into simple broad categories. The effects of drug use are numerous and varied based on the substance used. Significantly, drug use has deeply entrenched social and health issues. Goode explores that criminal behavior and drugs have an intimate relationship further suggesting that the two concepts are connected in a particular way. According to a British crime survey conducted between 2010 and 2011 about 35 percent of people between the ages of 16 and 59 admitted having used at least one illicit substances in their lifetime. The relationship between alcohol, drug use and crime has been reviewed in this paper, citing a few literature sources. Further, theories that tend to explore the relationship between drug abuse and criminal behavior have been highlighted.
A sophisticated yet strong association arises from the attempt to link drugs and criminal behavior. Goldstein explored the connection between the two based on three categories; psychopharmacological, economic compulsio…

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