Drinking alone beneath the moon by LiPo

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Drinking alone beneath the moon by LiPo

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Drinking alone beneath the moon by LiPo
Most poems provide important information to the readers while capturing the exact moment when they are written or read. There are very few poems that can be able to keep a reader’s attention for long, and this often does this through various stylistic devices that are often used in various literary works. Most ideas to the truth might change, but the literature that should always be used in such works should conform to the author’s feelings and surrounding. One important poem that covers this facet well is “Drinking alone beneath the moon” that was written by LiPo. The poem depicts him as he is drinking wine alone without any human companion. The poem presents various themes that are of interest to the readers and future generations (Morse 728).
The theme of pleasure is clearly indicated in the poem, as the poet starts by setting the scene where he takes his wine from together with other non-human companions. The poet clearly understands that he is alone in the scene, and no person is available to share with him the wine, and this makes him have his pleasure with the moon.
The idea of taking alcohol or wine is often thought to be one to induce pleasure to the drinkers, and this clearly has an effect to the speaker in the poem. In his fifth stanza, the poet talks of dancing and singing, and this are clear effects of the pleasure moments that have taken effect because of the…

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