Dream Of College/ Facing struggles

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Dream Of College/ Facing struggles

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Dream of college facing struggles
Sometimes in life, it takes a difficult encounter for a person to see himself or herself in a completely different light. I can say confidently that, my poverty afflicted background and the struggles that I went through growing up have been my prime source of inspiration. Growing up as a child of a struggling immigrant mother gave me the perspective of becoming successful, and cultivated in me the desire to attain this imperative milestone of a college degree. I owe it to my mother to succeed and take every financial burden off her shoulders because she went out of her way to ensure that we did not skip school. She was an immigrant divorcee who fled her country to grant me better life and education. Even as she struggled with her minimum wage salary at Walmarts, she insisted on my education and even took extremely expensive mathematics tuitions for my siblings and me. She took huge loans to finance the tuitions and up to today, she still owes the lenders. Her unparalleled energy and monumental sacrifice have imparted in me the confidence, will, and drive that a successful individual can only have. More importantly, I have an immediate dream of clearing these loans and making her life comfortable because to me, and she is the consummate pillar of education.
Seeing my mother work selflessly for us has turned me into a more open-minded student with tremendous devotion for research and k…

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